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The IntelliServer is an expandable asynchronous communications server that combines the functionality of a high-performance terminal server with the extended communications capabilities of an Internet access device. The IntelliServer Communications Server extends your corporate network to remote users worldwide. Network users can now work anywhere, and gain access to the corporate network for remote client access, multi-user host access, and remote office access.

The IntelliServer can be connected directly to a TCP/IP Ethernet LAN, or can be booted independently and operated as a stand alone unit. It is operating system independent using the  industry standard TCP/IP client software.  This technology simplifies upgrades and TCP/IP host cross-platform connectivity. Installation of the IntelliServer is menu driven and can be completed in a few minutes.

The IntelliServer is a compact, high-performance RISC workstation complete with a 32-bit MIPS-R3000 compatible CPU and supports all standard RS-232 serial devices such as terminals, PCs, printers, modems, bar code scanners and point-of-sale (POS) equipment.  Each connected serial device can communicate at baud rates of up to 200 Kbps full-duplex.

IntelliServers include a utility that allows a UNIX LAN host to access IntelliServer ports as if they were local tty devices.  Modem ports can be used for both dial-in and dial-out access, ending the requirement for dedicated inbound and outbound modems.  Group resources such as printers and modems can be assigned to shared "hunt groups."

An impressive list of security and configuration features are included in the IntelliServer.  Users can be automatically logged onto a specific host, offered a menu of host connections or given access to IntelliServer's menu and shell.  If desired, passwords can be defined for specific users and for administrators.  A resident multi-session manager (IntelliView) allows each user to run up to 8 login sessions and "hot-key" from one session to the next.

The IntelliServer can boot from ROM or from a LAN host.   IntelliServer's extensive protocol support includes rlogin, telnet, telnetd, reverse telnet, SNMP, RADIUS, RIP, plus a special IP Filtering feature that defines and regulates the flow of selected IP packets. 

The standard feature list includes full PPP, SLIP and CSLIP support, which permits IP devices to be connected over a RS232 or RS422 serial ports at up to 200Kbps.  This offers an ideal solution for sites that want to implement cost-effective remote access, Internet access and LAN-to-LAN interconnectivity. 

Each 16-port IntelliServer SlimLine can be expanded using low cost 16-port expansion modules. A single IntelliServer SlimLine can support 64 ports, 96 login sessions, and up to 36 PPP/SLIP connections. It is easy to install and can be desk, floor or wall mounted.  Surge/spike protection is standard on all signals.



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