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     Symbiat's Integration Services offers OEM's and VAR's specialized services to meet the requirements of their end-users.  In business since 1991, Symbiat has many successful years of proven experience to support your organization.  We can also customize our configuration services in order to meet the needs of your particular business.  Plus, with our nationwide on-site service agreements, we offer guaranteed repair times and on-site replacement parts.  Symbiat takes great pride in offering superior professional services, backed by a dedicated support staff. 


      Why waste valuable time or impair the productivity of your staff, when you can have Symbiat working for you?  You can completely omit the time it takes to purchase systems, peripherals, load the operating system and software applications utilizing our integration services.  Allowing you to remain focused only on your core business strategies while profiting from outsourcing these services. Focus on what you do best and let Symbiat take care of the details. Our configuration services include everything from the initial build, set-up and burn-in to on-site installation services.


      By utilizing our custom integration services, you are assured of having your hardware configured accurately. Also, by standardizing your systems, future service and upgrade requirements are much easier.

Symbiat provides you with the computer systems and service to enhance your productivity, increase your competitive advantage and focus on your customer.


We can install & support your Windows 98®, Windows 2000®, SCO® UNIX® and Linux® operating systems.  In addition to installing the operating system, we can also integrate your specific software applications.  Regardless of whether you have a basic software program that you need loaded or a customized software application, you can count on our certified technicians to successfully and efficiently complete your request.


Customized Systems include:

  • Desktop, mid-or full-tower “open system” cases
  • Industry standard, name brand components
  • Your company logo on front of case
  • Cable connections glued down to insure stability
  • “Root Boot” diskette located inside case
  • System serial number located on front of case
  • Color-coded ports
  • Painted screws for quality control check, insures stability during shipment and verifies tamper checks
  • Full “How To/Open First” instructions
  • Complete set of system documentation included
  • 24-hour burn-in period


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