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IntelliPort Plus EX


The IntelliPort Plus EX is an intelligent I/O mapped multiport remote access solution that combines modular expandability with efficient data buffering and guaranteed baud rates of up to 460 Kbps.

Customizing your system is easy. Choose a PCI or ISA host adapter. Start with 16 ports. Attach up to three additional RS-232 or RS-485/422/232 selectable modules. Mix and match RJ45 and DB25 connectors. Up to 64 ports can be connected through a single host expansion slot.

The IntelliPort Plus EX is available with 16 port DB25, RJ45 (10 pin full feature set including data set ready and ring indicator) and 16 port DB25 RS-485/422/232 (individually port selectable) expansion boxes. For longer cabling distances (up to 2 miles, over 10,000 feet) and the ability to multidrop multiple serial devices on each port, the new 16 port Plus EX-16D/485 provides the ultimate solution.

Operating system device drivers support SCO OpenServer and UnixWare, Windows NT, Linux and many others. Unix driver features include IntelliView (a multi-session manager - displays up to 8 different screens), IntelliPrint (a transparent print manager), Remote Diagnostics Software and a simple menu driven installation. 

IntelliPort Plus EX host adapters are manufactured using surface mount technology and high-density ASIC chips with a 20MHz CPU and 512K RAM for maximum throughput. Each multiport module is equipped with high-speed advanced quad UARTs and surge/spike protection is available on all signals.

The IntelliPort Plus EX products come complete with a three year limited hardware warranty.



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